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Sunrise Bracelet - Custom

Sunrise Bracelet - Custom

Excluding Sales Tax

Please message Lu’ukai for available sunrise shells to choose from.

The Hawaiian Sunrise Shell is a rare and exquisite ocean treasure, embodying the vivid colors of a tropical sunrise. Each shell is a testament to nature's artistry and a cherished symbol of the Hawaiian islands' beauty. All Hawaiian Sunrise shells are unique, every bracelet is unique and personal.


• 1 Medium-Large Hawaiian Sunrise Shell

• 18k gold filled paperclip bracelet

  • This process involves bonding a thick layer of real gold to a base metal core, usually brass, through heat and pressure. The result is a piece that possesses the luster and elegance of solid gold, yet at a more accessible price point, ensuring a long-lasting and stunning accessory that can withstand the tests of time, wear, and water.

  • 5% of profits from the sales of this product will be donated to organizations helping to restore and conserve Hawaii’s oceans and coastlines.

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