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Whaleshark Dive Headband

Whaleshark Dive Headband

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Diving with whale sharks can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, offering the chance to witness the beauty and grace of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.


Scuba headbands are a lovely addition to a dive kit, the benefits include:

• Improved mask seal - A headband helps to maintain the seal of the dive mask, preventing tangeled hair and ensuring that the diver has a clear and unobstructed view underwater!

• Your dive buddy can easily identify you - Adding color and personalization to your scuba gear can make it easier for dive buddies to identify you underwater, improving communication and safety during group dives!

• Make your dive-fit even cuter - Adding color to your scuba gear can make your dive experience more enjoyable, allowing you to express your personal style and stand out from the crowd!

• Get rid of those dive mask tanlines - Protecting diver's head from the harmful effects of the sun!


Our headbands are designed to stay on -- whether it is jumping into the ocean or surfing through waves. Lu'ukai is all handmade by a female PADI dive instructor striving to expand the female dive community.

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